Youth Scholarship 2018

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Northwest All Breed Goat Club Youth Scholarship Application
The NWABGC offers a scholarship for senior youths ages 15-20 who are interested in a future of owning their own goat herd and becoming a goat breeder. Recognizing that there are many youth who are very successful in 4-H and want to continue on but may be constrained by finances from investing in better genetics, or who are interested in attending a national convention, the club has decided to offer scholarship help to meet these goals.

Two scholarships in the amount of $500 each will be awarded to youths who can demonstrate that they are serious about moving forward in the goat world beyond 4-H. The award money can only be used toward either the purchase of a new breeding stock animal (no auction animals) or used toward expenses pertaining to attending national goat conventions (not national shows). The candidate will show that they have been involved in goats, and goat showing for long enough that they know they would like to continue in the goat world even after 4-H. They must have goats that are registered in their name preferably or their family name, and that name is a member in good standing with a goat registry.

Attending a convention can help youth understand the goat world better but can be expensive. Purchasing a new animal from a reputable breeder is also an expense but one that can help move the youth into the world of serious breeding. This is NOT about getting an animal just to have auctioned off at a local youth auction for money. Nor is it about helping to go to a national show to show off an animal. This is about helping to cultivate a long term relationship between youths and the world of breeders and goat education.

Candidates will write an essay which will include:

1) explaining their history with goats

2) their current situation and

3) their future plans in the goat world.

Be as specific as possible. You are not being judged on your eloquence but do be clear in your responses.

Please limit your essay to one page single spaced, no smaller than 12 font. List your name, address, age, school level,
4-H club name if you are a member, and contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) Also, please provide two references that each speak about your goat experiences and about yourself in general.

Please mail to: Northwest All Breed Goat Club, 17198 Dunbar Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
Scholarship applications should be postmarked no later than September 20th.
Good luck!