Northwest Regional Select Sale

Monroe, Washington | Saturday, May 26th , 2018 | Proxy bidding available

The Northwest Regional Select Sale Committee is soliciting nominations for the 2018 Select Sale.

All forms and money payments must be in by May 1, 2018

The committee is looking for dairy goats that excel in all categories. Nominate your very best to generate interest that will ultimately reflect on your entire herd.

We are looking for:

one doe and one buck for each breed, so proven quality on both sides of the pedigree is needed.

Carefully read and follow the Nomination Rules and procedures and the Sales Contract. These documents include the information one needs to know and understand about the nomination and sales process. Nominating your animal is not difficult. We ask for a limited amount (3 pages maximum) of information/photographs about your nominee and its close relatives. The fourth page required is the animal’s ADGA Pedigree.

Download the full sales rules, procedures and application here >

Sale Rules and Procedures

 Thank you for considering the Northwest Regional Select Sale to assist your dairy goat marketing efforts and to support the NWABGC youth scholarship program. We offer the opportunity to promote quality dairy goats from top herds. Nominate the best you have as a representative of your herd breeding and management program.

All forms and money payments must be in by May 1, 2018

The nomination packet should include:

  1. One nominee information/photograph form.
  2. ADGA Pedigree for nominee.
  3. Any other supporting information and photographs of nominee and/or its close relatives.
  4. ONE COPY of the signed consignment contract. Please read it thoroughly.
  5. A $5.00 check or money order made payable to NWABGC for the nomination fee.
  • All nominees must conform to ADGA Breed Standards, have correct and legible tattoos, be free of physical defects, be sound and healthy, and be free of CAE and abscess problems.
  • Bucks must be born within twelve months of sale date. The bucks are also to be of virgin status; absolutely no natural service is allowed prior to sale date.
  • The committee prefers that does be sold open (not bred). If a consignment is bred, she must be accompanied to the Sale with a completed service memo.
  • Consignment’s breeding activity, if any, both A.I. and natural service, must be disclosed in writing in full specific details before the Sale to the Northwest Regional Select Sale Chair.


A clear, concise, well-organized presentation will aid your chances of getting your nominee accepted to the Sale. The following tips should help you in preparing your nomination packet:

  1. Give the committee the FACTS on your nominee and its relatives. Official production records, linear appraisal scores and official show wins are helpful!
  2. Identify pictures of relatives of the nominee and indicate their relationship to the nominee (i.e., maternal granddam or paternal half-sister, etc.)
  3. Make sure any pictures you use are the best you have available – nothing less than you would put in an ad to market your herd.
  4. Give thought to the hold prices you indicate in your packet – high hold prices may adversely affect acceptance into the sale.
  5. Consignors shall not use photographs for the marketing/advertising of their animals in the Select Sale that are the property of other breeders without their express permission. Neither the Select Sale Committee nor NWABGC shall be held responsible if the consignor fails to secure said permission.


This Select Sale is a benefit for youth and is designed to support the NWABGC’s youth scholarship. 25% of each sale will be retained for the NWABGC youth scholarship and the other 75% will go to the consigner. When you sign this nomination packet, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.