Meet the 2018 Executive Board

President: Joan Schleh

SecMy family and I have owned GardenHome Farm in Mount Vernon since 2002 and we have dairy goats and Boer goats as well as Highland beef cattle, English Shepherd dogs, and a mishmash of poultry and sometimes pigs. We raise registered Saanen and Oberhasli goats and enjoy showing them. Cheese making is a passion of mine and I enjoy making all kinds of cheese including the bloomy rinds.

Vice President: Kristie Millson
I Kristie Millisonhave been involved with goats since I was young. First with a few grades that were pets, then some nicer does through my 4-H years, and now I have a herd of lamanchas and one toggenburg that I enjoy showing at ADGA shows and participating in LA and DHIR. I also enjoy making goat milk soaps in my spare time. I work as a Licensed Veterinary Technician in Whatcom County where my family and I live. My husband and I had a daughter last summer, and we’re loving this new adventure. I’m looking forward to being more active in the NWABGC as the Vice President, meeting more members and promoting goats.

Secretary: Kaylie Jamieson

KaylieThe recipients of the Northwest All Breed Goat Club Youth Scholarship award in 2017, Kaylie has a desire to serve. So now she has stepped up and is willing to serve this club as our new Secretary. She is busy working as a full time vet assistant but says our new meeting format will allow her to serve.


Treasurer: Charles Berry


Our family started with one 6mo. old Nubian/Toggenburg doe in 91′ and transitioned to Boer goats in 00′. Over the years our goat have assisted us with bush & vegetation clearing, milk for ourselves and to feed calves, meat production and last but not least companionship. I have been a member of NWABGC for many years. As President & now Treasurer I have had the privilege of working with & knowing numerous club members as they volunteer their time, knowledge & energy in making the club function & prosper as we promote the goat industry.