2021 Udder Spectacular

2021 Udder Spectacular


2021 Judges:


The 2021 Udder Spectacular Show rules and mail-in entry are available here >

Online entry is now open, enter here >

Please note a few important changes to this years show.

  1. Trailer load/unload and parking rules will be strictly enforced this year, please read the rules very carefully.
    • Important highlights include:
      • Trailer must park in yellow lot only, trailers can no longer park along south side of barn fence line or North side anywhere (cars in designated parking spots along fence only).
      • Load/unload is on south side of goat barn only, NO North side (trailers need to load/unload and then proceed to yellow lot to park).
      • See show rules for full details including maps.
  2. Pen clean up required. Due to rising costs this year we will require your pens be cleaned out prior to your departure. There is a $5.00 service see per pen if you would like them cleaned out for you. See entry form for details.
  3. Nubian bucks have been added to the sanctioned breeds.

Ring Sponsorship

Interested in sponsoring a ring? $25/ ring will get your name featured on the sponsorship banner, this is a great opportunity to get your name out there among fellow breeders. Please contact Denise Hetland: hetlandcreek@msn.com

New to showing?  

Here are a few articles that can help you get started.

ADGA’s Guide To Dairy Goat Showing

Getting started in Dairy Goat Shows (what you need, how to do it)

4-H Guide to Showmanship (great for what to do in the show ring & know your goat anatomy)

What you need & how to show clip a goat

Some additional stats about how our ADGA sanctioned show runs:

  • 3 ring show means there are 3 separately ADGA sanctioned shows (3 different judges).
    • This allows you to gain access to more judges in one day and provides the opportunity to finish a doe or buck. (Each win is called a leg, you need 3 legs, under 3 different judges to finish an animal).
  • Goats are shown in classes, classes are organized by age of the goat.
  • Goats compete in their own breed classes, unless your breed is classified under AOP (all other purebreds)
  • Only ADGA, AGS & CGS registered, recorded or applied for animals, that are recognized by ADGA as dairy animals may be shown in official ADGA shows.
    • Registration or recordation certificate or a stamped duplicate application showing the date received by the ADGA office is requires for all animals under 6 months of age.
    • A stamped duplicate is valid for 30 days from the ADGA office date stamped on it and can be used to verify the animal being shown.