2022 Udder Spectacular


New to showing?  

Here are a few articles that can help you get started!

ADGA’s Guide To Dairy Goat Showing

Getting started in Dairy Goat Shows (what you need, how to do it)

4-H Guide to Showmanship (great for what to do in the show ring & know your goat anatomy)

What you need & how to show clip a goat

Some additional stats about how our ADGA sanctioned show runs:

  • 3 ring show means there are 3 separately ADGA sanctioned shows (3 different judges).
    • This allows you to gain access to more judges in one day and provides the opportunity to finish a doe or buck. (Each win is called a leg, you need 3 legs, under 3 different judges to finish an animal).
  • Goats are shown in classes, classes are organized by age of the goat.
  • Goats compete in their own breed classes, unless your breed is classified under AOP (all other purebreds)
  • Only ADGA, AGS & CGS registered, recorded or applied for animals, that are recognized by ADGA as dairy animals may be shown in official ADGA shows.
    • Registration or recordation certificate or a stamped duplicate application showing the date received by the ADGA office is requires for all animals under 6 months of age.
    • A stamped duplicate is valid for 30 days from the ADGA office date stamped on it and can be used to verify the animal being shown.