2018 Judges:

 Scott Horner | Jennifer Lohman-Peterson |  Emily Thompson

Saanen Specialty: Jennifer Lohman-Peterson

2018 Udder Spectacular Show Results

Judge: Jennifer Lohman-Peterson

Senior Doe Show   132 does shown

Saanen: 17 shown

GC: CH Tempo Passa Elentera Owner: Lauren Acton

RC: CH Tide Land Cecilia Owner: Melanie Fergason

B.O.B: CH Tempo Passa Elentera Owner: Lauren Acton

Saanen Speciality:

Senior Get of Sire won by Lauren Acton

Dam And Dam won by Melanie Fergason

Senior Breeder’s Trio won by Lauren Acton

Dairy Herd won By Lauren Acton

Nigerian Dwarf: 44 shown

GC: SG Blue Bear BD Hershey Kisses Owner: Samantha Mielbrecht

RC: Highland Ranch PD Alyeska Owner: Samantha Mielbrecht

B.O.B: CH Blue Bear BD Little Willow Owner: Samantha Mielbrecht

LaMancha: 14 shown

GC: Barnowl Auriga Owner Ardis Lyons

RC: Harmonys Way LSY Camira Kaze Owner: Felicia Allen

B.O.B: Barnowl Aueka Owner: Ardis Lyons

AOP: 12 shown

GC: Tempo Aquila Euphoria Owner: Lauren Acton

RC: Tempo Aquila  Free Jacquie Owner: Lauren Acton

B.O.B: SGCH Tempo Aquila Ricochet Owner: Lauren Acton

Toggenburg: 10 Shown

GC: Joheas-Acres Limelight Owner: Heather Arts

RC: Royal Cedars Venus Vienna Owner: Melanie Ferguson

B.O.B: Joheas-Acres Limelight Owner: Heather Arts

Nubian:22 shown

GC: Woest Hoeve SC  Feathers Owner: Heathers Arts

RC: My-Enchanted-Acres I WontDance Owner: Kim Puzio

B.O.B: SGCH Woest Hoeve Margaret Owner: Heather Arts

Oberhasli: 12 shown

GC: Wil-O-Acres Erica-May Owner: Sarah Davis

RC: Tveter Farms CHD Darlin Owner: Nellie Tveter

B.O.B: CH Life Of Riley Dorcus Owner: Sarah Davis

Recorded Grade: 1 shown

GC: & B.O.B: Ober-D’ Rainbow Eli Felanie Owner: Jewel Hintz

Best Doe In Show: SGCH Woest Hoeve Margaret Owner: Heather Arts


Junior Doe Show           Total shown 89

Saanen: 1 shown

GC: Tempo Passa Eryx Sagira Owner: Kayla Boyd

Toggenburg: 1 shown

GC: CDA Critters Allora’s Adelaide Owner: Andi Yenna

LaManchas: 12 shown

GC: Lucky*Star’s RT Keira Owner: Judy Hoy

RC: Alder Grove PZ Kiss This Owner Kristi Millson

Nigerian Dwarf: 57 shown

GC: Gaelic Roots BlackIrish Selkie  Owner: Nicole Donovan

RC: Leisure Time PD Joyful Antics Owner: Kristine Struve-Hagan

AOP: 5 shown

GC: Mountain Dell MG Keen Sensation Owner Sarah Shipman

RC: Olentangy Andetti Terrasen Owner: ? Audrey LeRoux

Nubian: 13 shown

GC: My-Enchanted-Acres JustScarlet Owner: Kim Puzio

RC: My-Enchanted-Acres BT Batara Owner: Kim Puzio

Best Junior Doe In Show: Lucky* Star’s RJ Keira Owner: Judi Hoy


Buck Show        total shown 42

Saanen: None shown

AOP: 14 shown

GC: Sweet-Dreams Enough Said Owner: Dakota Ford

RC: Urban Acres Triumph Spitfire Owner: Kris Hafey

Nigerian Dwarf: 28 shown

GC: Buttin’ Heads Pantoliano Owner Emily Beniot

RC: Leisure Time TW Peter Pan Owner: Kristine Struve-Hagan

Best Buck In Show: Sweet-Dreams Enough Said Owner: Dakota Ford


New to showing?  

Here are a few articles that can help you get started.

ADGA’s Guide To Dairy Goat Showing

Getting started in Dairy Goat Shows (what you need, how to do it)

4-H Guide to Showmanship (great for what to do in the show ring & know your goat anatomy)

What you need & how to show clip a goat

Some additional stats about how our ADGA sanctioned show runs:

  • 3 ring show means there are 3 separately ADGA sanctioned shows (3 different judges).
    • This allows you to gain access to more judges in one day and provides the opportunity to finish a doe or buck. (Each win is called a leg, you need 3 legs, under 3 different judges to finish an animal).
  • Goats are shown in classes, classes are organized by age of the goat.
  • Goats compete in their own breed classes, unless your breed is classified under AOP (all other purebreds)
  • Only ADGA, AGS & CGS registered, recorded or applied for animals, that are recognized by ADGA as dairy animals may be shown in official ADGA shows.
    • Registration or recordation certificate or a stamped duplicate application showing the date received by the ADGA office is requires for all animals under 6 months of age.
    • A stamped duplicate is valid for 30 days from the ADGA office date stamped on it and can be used to verify the animal being shown.