DIY All Purpose “Goat” Wipes

These work great for any occasion from wiping little people’s hands to goat teats before milking. Also great money saver over the store versions, and an easy recipe to customize to whatever fragrance you or your goat prefer.

What You Need:
1. A roll of paper towels
2. A plastic food storage container
3. Bread or serrated knife
Liquid mix:
– 1 oz (2 TBSP) bleach
– 1 qt. pure water
– 1  drop of Dawn dish soap


To make your own wipes
– Find a plastic food storage container (no metal it rust) that will hold a ½ roll of paper towels. Mix your liquids in the container.
– Cut in the paper towel roll in half with a bread knife and place half the roll in the storage container,
Use only Bounty or contractor strength paper towels, anything else will just become a mushy mess.
– Let the roll absorb the liquid and then flip it over to saturate the other side.
–  Now you can remove the middle cardboard cylinder from the towels and pull the towels up from the middle of the roll.
That’s it, you’re all set, wipe away!


This idea comes from our new member Lynnette Berwald
(Source: Fiasco Farms)