Goats: Drugs, Dosages & Calculations

Since goats are not an animal with major agricultural focus in the US, drug companies often do not test their drugs on goats.  Many appropriate medications are therefore, “off label”  or “extra label”.  Since goats have a very efficient metabolism, the amount and duration of treatment is not easy to predict without testing. Here is a site that appears to be “well-vetted” (pun intended) that may be useful. It includes not only common drugs and dosages, but also milk and meat withdrawal times to be sure the medication is out of the animals’ system.
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How to Calculate Dosages:
More information is needed to calculate the correct dosage of a drug.  Amounts are often stated as “mg/kg”, so how do we know the “cc/lb” which is what we need to know?  Here is a site that has good information on that piece of the puzzle.
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Submission provided by member: Donna Davis